Standard Permit Request

Standard permits are for the most part the most common routine, non-scheduled, type of landing and overflight permit required. What makes the difference between a standard permit and any other type of permit, which documents are required, and processing time is all explained below.

Who needs a standard permit?

A standard permit is required for any routine, non-scheduled operation. Routine permits apply to aircraft which have full standard paperwork ; that is a Certificate of Airworthiness, Certificate of Registration, and valid Insurance. Routine also means aircraft that do not have any dangerous goods or are not operating diplomatic missions. If the aircraft is operating on a permit to fly, for example, then a complex permit will be required. Airlines or operators planning on conducting scheduled, regular flights to a destination will need a block permit, rather than a single routine permit.

Which countries require a permit?

Each country has their own regulations regarding permit requirements. The regulations take into consideration the country of registration of the aircraft, aircraft size, purpose of the flight, and distance flown with their FIR. As a general overview most countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and South/Central American require permits.

Required documentation

The basic information required for permit application are

  • Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Valid Insurance - inclusive of third party liability
  • Copies of licenses, medicals, and passports of each crew member
  • If passengers are on board a copy of their passport as well

This is a standard list and each CAA may at any time request additional information

Processing time

As a standard rule of thumb, permit applications take a minimum of 3 working days, and for some countries can take upwards to 7 working days. It's important to note that most CAA's do not work on the weekends and obtaining a permit, or a revision, during this time can be very tricky

Permit validity

For most countries the minimum validity period issue with a permit is 24hrs, however most permits are valid for 48hrs-72hrs. A change in routing, destination or departure point, or aircraft will also require a revision



Standard Permit Processing
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