Regulatory Requirements for the Ops into the USA : What and when it's needed

Not only is flying to/from the U.S.A a bit tricky, but so is ensuring that you have complied to all the regulatory requirements. Here we will break down what is needed, when it's needed, and who needs what!

eAPIS Transmission

Now this probably the easiest and most straight forward transmission that will need to be filed when operating into and out the US. ALL operators, yes even N registered aircraft, must file an eAPIS (electronic advanced passenger information system) transmission with CBP. CBP requires basic passport information, as well as some details on the aircraft, trip, and destination of each passenger. It's a sort of heads up as to whom is coming or leaving the US, and what each passengers plans are during their stay. FSB are master eAPIS transmitters - so drop us a line and ensure this done correctly for your next trip!


Recent changes now means that that all aircraft - with the exception of US registered aircraft weighing less than or equal to45,500 kgs - will require a TSA waiver to transit US airspace. For domestic operations only large - aircraft weighing more than 45,500 kgs, r- will require a waiver. This applies to foreign operators as well. If you already have set up an TSA approved safety program then you will not require a TSA waiver for any type of operation. Standard processing time for these waivers are a strict 5 business days. It is very important that for each waiver all crew, passenger, and aircraft details are known, because if a change needs to take place processing time is another 5 days. If you need a waiver let us know and we will send you a detailed list of what we need to obtain it on your behalf.

BOE - Border Overflight Exemption

A BOE allows any operator the right to overfly the first airport of entry when that aircraft is operating from an airport that is south of 33 degrees parallel.  Geographically this means all flights from Mexico, Caribbean, South and Central America. Now there are two types of BOE's that can be obtained - 1) Single BOE or each aircraft. This makes sense if you operate only a specific aircraft to/from the above mentioned destinations, are a medivac operator, or a one time charter flight : or 2) a fleet BOE which encompasses all aircraft in your current fleet. When applying for this permit it is very important to ensure you have all pilots that will, or even may, be operating future flights as they will be the only ones approved. Obviously processing time for a single BOE is much shorter, generally 15 business days, however a fleet (or term) BOE takes up to 30 days to process. Think you may need a BOE - send us an email and we will let you know for sure.