Special Permit - Flight Authorisation


Special Permit - Flight Authorisation

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A Special Permit (Specific Flight Authorisation) is required from each country overflown on non-Standard Airworthines. An application can now be filed online.

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When do I need a Special Permit?
— Most commonly, if you have non-standard Airworthiness

SPECIAL PERMIT (Flight Authorisation)

What is it, and why do I need one? For many countries, if an aircraft is operating normally, no Overflight or Landing permit is required. Sometimes, however, the aircraft will not meet full airworthiness requirements, but is still safe to fly. New deliveries, ferry flights to a new operator, maintenance flights, may all have special circumstances that result in the aircraft operating with a Special Airworthiness Certificate.

The most common type of Special Airworthiness Certificate is a regular Ferry Permit. The FAA call this a‘Special Flight permit’, EASA’s term is a ‘Permit to Fly’.

Every aircraft operating on a Special Airworthiness Certificate requires a Special Authorisation from each country being overflown or landed in. This is normally requested from the Ministry of Transport for that country, or the technical department of the Civil Aviation Authority. Official processing times are up to 20 days.

To file your request a Special Permit (Special Authorisation) online, select the Country you require authorisation for at the top of the page, and complete the details requested.

Special Permit / Flight Authorisation Requirements

The following Documents are required by the Ministry of Transport/CAA:

  • Aircraft Certificate of Registration (if not yet registered, CAA confirmation of reserved ‘marks’ may suffice)
  • Aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness or Special Airworthiness Certificate (eg. Ferry Permit)
  • Insurance Certificate (For EU must comply with EC Regulation EC 785/2004)
  • Operating Crew Licenses and Medicals (Total 4 Documents)

Once you order the permit, you can use the Document Collector below to upload the required documents.

Lead Time: Civil Aviation processing is on average 5 working days. In many cases we can obtain the permits faster,
Validity: Permits are normally valid for 72 hours, in some cases they are for same validity as the Ferry Permit.
Revisions: For online orders through this website, one revision is included free of charge. For subsequent revisions, 50% of the original Service Charge is payable. If a new permit is required, then a full permit fee is payable.
ATC Navigation Fees: ATC Navigation Fees are billed to the Aircraft Operator directly.

EU Blacklist – Special Permit

For Operators that are on the current EU Blacklist under Annex A (airlines that are banned from operating in the European Union) and Annex B (airlines that are permitted to operate in the European Union only under specific conditions), a Special Permit can also be obtained to allow flights that are required to operate to the EU for maintenance or other reasons. A separate permit is required from each EU country enroute.

Together with obtaining a Special Permit for each EU country overflown, SAFA must be notified, and the standard Eurocontrol FPL Alarming system must be deactivated for your flight.

Charges by Country

For any countries not listed, please select “Other Country”. The service fee will be applied, and if any other charges are payable we will inform you.

Document Upload

Once you have added the permit to your cart, you can use the Document Collector below to submit the documents to Civil Aviation for your flight. You will be guided through the required documents. Make sure all are clear and legible, especially for names, license numbers and dates. If you prefer, you can also just email them to service@fsbureau.org.