PHILIPPINES Overflight Permit

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PHILIPPINES Overflight Permit

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The overflight permit for the Philippines can now be processed online. Add to cart and then upload your documents.

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Do I need a permit for the Philippines?
— Yes, all flights over and into the Philippines require a permit

Permit Requirements: All operations over Philippines territory require a permit. This includes all flights through the RPHI/Manila FIR. Please note this is one of the most complex permits to obtain, hence a higher cost than most others.
Documents Required: Registration, Airworthiness, Insurance, Licenses, Medicals.
Lead Time: Civil Aviation processing is 3 working days.
Validity: Permits are normally valid for 72 hours.
Permit Format: The permit is issued as 3OP-, then the year, then a four digit number, which should be placed in Field 18 of your flight plan in the format RMK/PERMIT PHILIPPINES 3OP-2014-6124
Aviation Authority Fees: Permit fees are included in the price above. ATC Navigation Fees are billed to Flight Service Bureau prior to the flight taking place.
Airspace Map for RPHI/Manila FIR: View above to check your route.

Special Requirements - Philippines

CAAP require prepayment of the Air Navigation Charge for all overflights of the Manila FIR. We will make this prepayment on our account with CAAP, and Invoice you for this charge separately. The basis for calculation is: Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) and distance flown within the Manila FIR.

CAAP Rule: Levied for the use of Air Navigation Facilities and Services on all flights in the Manila FIR including aircraft landing and taking off from Philippine Airports. Charge shall be based on each arrival, departure and overflight within the Manila FIR. Charge (USD) = Distance flown in Km/100 x Weight Factor (W) The distance flown, as basis for of computation, shall not exceed 1 100 Km.

Additionally, a facilitation charge of $120 for each permit is levied, as are banking fees.

The charges for Overflight are therefore as follows:
CAAP Permit Facilitation Fee $120.00, Bank Fee $60.00, Flight Service Fee $160.00, Total: $340
CAAP Air Navigation Charge - dependent on route flown, billed separately, 15% service fee.

Special Permits

  • Specific Approval: All countries require a Special Permit to overfly if you are operating on a Ferry Permit, Special Flight Authorization, Special Airworthiness Certificate, or have any other departure from standard ICAO documents. Approval is normally given by the Department of Transport rather than the Aviation Authority. Processing time is 5 days. Read more about this type of permit here.
  • Dangerous Goods: Any aircraft carrying Dangerous Goods (DG's) as specified in ICAO Annex 18 and the Technical Instructions, requires Approval from the country overflown. For this service, contact directly.
  • Block Permit: For the Philippines, IATA Summer and Winter Seasonal permits are available for Airlines and regular operators. Navigation Charges are billed direct to the Operator. For a block permit, order directly at Note that for the Philippines this is a long process; it normally takes a year or so to obtain an account.

Document Upload

Add the required permit to your cart, then use the Document Collector below to submit the documents to Civil Aviation for your flight. Make sure all are clear and legible, especially for names, license numbers and dates. If you prefer, you can also just email them to