Operational Flight Plan

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Operational Flight Plan

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Full Airline and Private Ops flight planning service available. Enter details online and receive plans by email.

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— Full Airline & Private Ops Flight Plans - OFP/CFP, ATC Filing, Test Plans, ETOPS, ETP's

Types of Flight Plans

  • Normal Operational Flight Plan (OFP): A computer generated Flight Plan specific to individual Aircraft and Engine Type, with accurate forecast wind based Nav Log, Fuel Burns, valid ATC Routes, Alternate suggestion, ETOPS data, ETP calculations (Engine Out, Depressurisation, Medical Diversion), Overflight costs. $80.00
  • ATC Filed Flight Plan: ICAO Standard International Flight Plan suitable for AFTN filing, created and filed to FIR of departure and enroute FIR's, Eurocontrol validated where necessary. $60.00
  • Weather Package: NOTAM, METAR/TAF, PIREPS, Weather Charts (SigWx, Winds) $50.00
  • Complete Package: OFP, ATC File, and Weather Package $140.00
  • Test Flight Plan: For Route Evaluation purposes, a full OFP specific to Aircraft and Engine Type, with historical wind data specific to month of operation, showing Fuel Burn, Route Distance, and Overflight Fees. $70.00

Service and Delivery

  • Delivered at ETD-12, or ETD-4, according to your preference, filed to ATC at minimum ETD-12. Sent by email as PDF, or by fax, according to preference.
  • Almost all jet and turboprop aircraft and engine types are supported. We do not support Piston Engined aircraft.

Sample Flight Plans and Packages