CUBA Overflight Permit


CUBA Overflight Permit

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The total fee includes the mandatory Cuba IFR Navigation charge. See a full breakdown of charges below.

From the drop-down list, select your aircraft weight, and if you are applying for a SINGLE SECTOR or a RETURN FLIGHT.

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Do I need a permit for Cuba?
— Almost all flights overflying Cuba require one
  • Lead Time: The official notice required by INAC in Cuba to process a permit request is 3 working days. We normally obtain routine permits in 2 working days. If you have an urgent need for a permit, we can obtain a special approval in as little as 1 hour. Because of the workload, there is an additional fee for this service. If your flight is departing in less than 48 hours time, please select URGENT option from the list. Please note: Because permits are issued at CAA discretion, there may be occasions where the CAA cannot process the permit in time for your overflight. If this happens, we will refund the urgent fee.
  • Permit Requirements: All operations within the Havana FIR require a permit, with one exception: overflight traffic operating on two oceanic routes - MAXIM–G/UG765–NUKAN and CANOA–B/UB646-VINKA.
  • Documents Required: None for overflight.
  • Validity: Permits are valid for the entire day of operation (in UTC) applied for, without any need for revision. If you are applying for a return leg as well, then the permit becomes Open-Jaw; it is valid for the entire period of operation, meaning you can depart or return at any time between the two dates. Just make sure you select the right option from the drop-down list (RETURN FLIGHT) and let us know the details of the return flight in the 'Additional Info' section when you purchase the permit.
  • Permit Format: The permit is issued as a four digit number, which should be placed in Field 18 of your flight plan in the format RMK/PERMIT CUBA 8743.
  • Aviation Authority Fees: Cuba levies a charge of US$17 for each leg flown, as a Permit Processing fee.
  • ATC Navigation Fees: ATC Navigation Fees are billed to all IFR flights by IACC, based on aircraft weight, according to the table below. Cuba requires prepayment. When you place your order for a permit here, all fees are included automatically, there is nothing further to pay.
  • Cancelled Flights: If your flight is cancelled, notify so that the permit can be cancelled with Cuba. Navigation Fees are refunded.



Special Permits

  • Specific Approval: All countries require a Special Permit to overfly if you are operating on a Ferry Permit, Special Flight Authorization, Special Airworthiness Certificate, or have any other departure from standard ICAO documents. Approval is normally given by the Department of Transport rather than the Aviation Authority. Processing time is 5 days. Read more about this type of permit here.
  • Dangerous Goods: Any aircraft carrying Dangerous Goods (DG's) as specified in ICAO Annex 18 and the Technical Instructions, requires Approval from the country overflown. For this service, contact directly.
  • Block Permit: For Cuba, IATA Summer and Winter Seasonal permits are available for Airlines and regular operators. In addition, monthly billing is available under a Cuban Block Permit. Navigation Charges are billed direct to the Operator. For a block permit, order directly at