Airport Coordination

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Airport Coordination


Airport Approval for your flight movement, including Handler selection and setup, and payment of all charges. Arrange Online and get confirmation by email.

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What is included in this Service?

  • Airport Coordination : We will notify the Airport Authority of your flight, get schedule and parking approval, and pass on any necessary information for your movement.
  • Ground Handling: We will appoint the most suitable Ground Handler for your flight, ensure the right equipment is available to service the aircraft (eg. ULD offload, Baggage offload, GPU/ASU/ACU, Airstairs), arrange payment for services, notify the schedule, and check for any gotchas that may delay or affect the flight.
  • Payment Arrangement: We will ensure arrangement is made for payment of Landing, Terminal, Parking, and ATC charges for the airport.

What happens after I order?

  • Handling Quote : If you require a handler, we will sent you a quote for the third party costs for handling. If you are not in need of a handler, then we will confirm Airport Authority arrangements right away.
  • Service Confirmation : Once you are happy with the costs and service quoted, we will confirm all services. Third Party costs may need to be prepaid by new customers.
  • Pre-Departure Briefing : At ETD-48, we will send you a complete summary of Services arranged for your flight - see a sample below.


Multiple Airports?

  • Just Add to Cart again after the initial order, and tick 'I've already entered the Aircraft and Schedule data'
  • If you prefer, contact to arrange service instead.